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17 Reasons Why The Grove Is Simply The Worst During The Holidays

Los Angelenos, amirite?? Enjoy that anxiety attack.

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1. Approximately 5 billion* people cram themselves into The Grove around this time, which ensures that no one can actually enjoy it.

Flickr: bossco / Via Creative Commons

*Disclaimer: I have no idea how many people are at The Grove on a daily basis. But to say there are "too many" would be the most underwhelming understatement to ever happen.

2. And walking through this place is kind of like a Moses parting the Red Sea type situation... You're going to need a miracle.

Flickr: colbyworld / Via Creative Commons

Shout out to the people who have made it their mission to be human blockades... But not really.


4. So you end up constantly checking your phone, and attached to this buzzer that never seems to buzz.

If you miss the call, you're done... your table just went to another poor family whose also been waiting for 2+ hours.

5. "Will it be quicker if I just eat at the Farmers Market?" Noooooo because the lines everywhere are insane.


11. There are about 498* people standing in front of the fountain watching the water show, so of course you can't see a thing.

Flickr: andycastro / Via Creative Commons

*Disclaimer: Number is subject to either increase or decrease on any given day.


15. So you're stuck in parking lot traffic (oh yeah, those exist here) until someone decides they've had enough of this place.

16. "Hey, maybe I'm outsmarting everyone by parking at the Farmer's Market instead," but you're not... You're really not.

This is a rookie mistake because everyone else is trying to do the same thing, but also the validation for FM is not as long as for The Grove.


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