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    27 Real-Life Moments That Will Make You Say, "Dafuq?"

    Sometimes, there's only one appropriate reaction.

    1. When the cashier at McDonald's gives you ONE sauce for all your Chicken McNuggets, when you clearly need more.

    2. Upon seeing Gaga launch Chicken-McNugget-chic on the red carpet.


    3. In fact, upon seeing any outfit Lady Gaga wears, EVER.

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    4. Anytime you hear the lyrics to a Patrice Wilson masterpiece.

    Patrice Wilson is the guy behind Rebecca Black's "Friday," and the newer song "Chinese Food" by Alison Gold.

    5. When spell-check bolds in red a word that you've clearly spelled correctly.

    Yes, both spellings are indeed correct. But still, get it together spell check.

    6. Waking up next to a stranger, without any recollection of what went down the night before.

    7. When you spot a pregnant woman nonchalantly enjoying a cigarette.

    8. When someone mumbles the wrong lyrics to an extremely iconic song.

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    9. When someone tells you they studied something in college that sounds made interdisciplinary studies, or worse, "happiness."

    10. When someone confesses to you that they've never seen an episode of Breaking Bad.

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    11. Upon hearing that that perfect couple you thought were going to be together forever just broke up.

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    12. When someone foolishly tries to explain to you why they don't like pizza.

    13. When you meet identical twins for the first time.

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    14. Receiving a cavalier text message from an unknown phone number.

    15. Realizing you have waaaaay more money in your bank account than you should.

    16. When someone starts speaking to you in languages you cannot comprehend.

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    17. Listening to people who HAVE NOT been blessed with a beautiful singing voice attempt an Adele song.

    18. Getting stuck in traffic after midnight.

    19. Realizing that there are people who STILL take MySpace-like selfies in the bathroom.

    20. Finding out two of your friends are actually having secret sexy time behind your back.

    21. Happening upon a billboard that's giving you some pretty shitty advice.

    22. Every time you see a poor little kid getting pulled on one of those leash-type things.

    23. When you spot a "fail" tattoo.

    24. When your favorite show gets canceled.

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    25. Running into this guy on the train.

    26. Catching a glimpse of something highly unexpected while strolling down the street.

    27. And finding out that Oreos are just as addictive as cocaine.


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