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    23 Photos You've Taken At One Point If You're From L.A.

    You've stopped dead in your tracks for most of these.

    1. You've taken a variation of this "I Love My City And My Friends" photo at Runyon Canyon.

    2. And the Venice sign has met the eye of your camera many a times.

    3. You've always embraced an action hiking shot at Will Rogers.

    4. And there's a killer view that cannot be missed from the Griffith Observatory.

    5. There's the obligatory "Posing With A Lifeguard Tower" photo.

    6. And somewhere in your camera roll there's also a photo of you with the Santa Monica Pier.

    7. You've snuggled in-between some angel wings for this photo.

    8. And you've knelt down for the "Life Is Beautiful Hitchcock Sidewalk" guy.

    9. You've stopped your car mid-La Brea to show the King of Pop some love.

    10. And then happily found that Einstein is just around the corner from MJ.

    11. This classic "Sunset + Palm Trees" combo shot is a must.

    12. And at some point you've snapped a photo or twelve of the night skyline in Downtown.

    13. No doubt you and friends have busted out in an impromptu photo shoot at The Lights.

    14. You've taken this "We're Almost There" photo on your way to Vegas.

    15. And you've also taken this "Whimsical Valencia-Filtered" photo that one time at Coachella.

    16. No Los Angeleno's album would be complete without an "I'm Just Sitting Here At Urth Cafe" photo.

    17. Or a photo of their very first visit to the Sprinkles ATM.

    18. There's always a car selfie because you're always stuck in traffic.

    19. Then come the game photos; whether it be a Lakers game...

    20. A Dodgers game...

    21. Or a Kings game.

    22. Maybe you're really down and have even trekked to the Hollywood sign just for this photo.

    23. And lastly, there's the "Annual Trip To Disneyland" photo, even though you've been there like 57 times and you know the park like the back of your hand... Still, 57 and counting.