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26 Facts That'll Make You Proud To Be Brazilian

This is why your heart beats for the green, yellow, and blue!

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1. First off, Brazilians are the happiest people on the planet.

David Turnley/Staff / Getty Images News / Getty Images, a popular international dating site with 100,000's of users, conducted a visually-based study of their members' photos to conclude who the happiest people on earth are; Brazilians won.

2. "The Girl From Ipanema" was the first Bossa Nova song to become a worldwide hit in the '60s; it won a Grammy for the record of the year in 1965.

It's also the second most re-recorded song in the history of music everywhere. It eventually went on to be sung by greats such as Frank Sinatra and Dionne Warwick.


21. Everyone wants to speak Portuguese, even the President of the United States.

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23. Plus, Beyoncé loves it too so...