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26 Experiences You're Sure To Have As A New Pet Owner

It's been a long time coming!

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1. You get introduced to the amazingly ridiculous and magical world that IS a trendy pet boutique.

2. And the endless amount of options leads you to buy waaaay more than you intended to upon walking in.

New feeding bowels, new leashes, new EVERYTHING.

New feeding bowels, new leashes, new EVERYTHING.

3. Your Google searches on the subject go so deep, that you've pretty much seen it all.

4. And when your bundle of joy finally arrives, your Instagram feed instantly turns into #petselfie, after #petselfie, after #petselfie.

5. You can watch and pet them for hours, just admiring their inexplicable cuteness while fighting the overwhelming urge you have to squeeeeeeze them.

6. And yes, sometimes you catch yourself just staring at them.

7. You smother them, perhaps a little too much.

8. You think they are the most fragile things on the planet, so naturally your heart skips a beat every time they attempt something new.

9. You spend hours on the Internet searching for the perfect costume for their very first Halloween.

10. You've done extensive research on which brand of pet food is best for your little one.

11. You have a tight feeding schedule which you STRICTLY abide by, no messing around.

12. You also have that fresh owner "let me walk you three times a day" attitude.

13. You dream of all the tricks you'll teach them as they get older, and you dream BIG.

14. But for now the most frequent words coming out of your mouth are "sit," "stay," and "play dead."

15. You're a pet hog, and you'll probably hibernate all weekend just to hang with your new pal.

16. And if you do go out, even for a second, you're taking them with you.

17. Your conversation with anyone these days consists of you going on and on about your newfound love.

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18. You realize 5 AM walks are just as horrible as they sound.

19. There will be days when you come home to an array of scattered poop droppings on your floor, and wonder what it is you signed on for.

20. And sometimes you might come home to find shit a little out of order.

21. On the days you feel too tired to play, you feel an incredible guilt that you weren't able to give them what they deserved that day.

22. You realize that having a pet is like having a child, and you question whether or not you're ready for the responsibility.

23. But you figure you'll get through it; an unbreakable bond has already started to form, and you can't go back now.

24. Bottom line is: you can't resist and give into their every desire.

25. Because you've been waiting for this moment ever since you can remember, and in your eyes they can do absolutely no wrong.

26. Plus, you're about two seconds away from a friendship bracelet and leash, because you're convinced that you've never felt love like THIS before!

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