Who Would Be The Celebrity Voice On Your Navigation System?

James Earl Jones, hands down!

1. You could go for the obvious and smoothest choice.

AFP / Getty Images

Morgan “Planet Earth” Freeman

2. Or you could want your car rides to sound a little more intense and dramatic.

Kevin Winter/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

James “Mufasa” Earl Jones

3. Maybe your feeling something a little raspier and downright sensual.

AFP / Getty Images

Jennifer “Samantha Cole” Tilly

4. Or maybe you just have a phonetic favorite you can’t even really explain.

Michael Loccisano/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

Just Ludacris because… Well, you know.

5. You might just be an old soul and a classic at heart.

Jason Merritt/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

Barbara “Queen Of Song” Streisand

6. I mean, how great would it be to get driving directions from Whoopi?

Jason Kempin/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

Whoopi “The Legend” Goldberg

7. Or feel like you’re constantly in an adrenaline thriller that could end in a high speed car chase.

Chung Sung-Jun/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

Liam “Kicks Everybody’s Ass” Neeson

8. Whatever the case, we all have a favorite iconic celebrity voice. So which one would you want to take road directions from?

Ethan Miller/Staff / Getty Images Entertainment

“Needs No Explanation” Charo

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