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    • gabord

      There are rules of these kind of climbs. Main rule is that above 7000 there is no rescue, you are on your own. And everybody knows this who attempts the ascent. It takes more than 10 people to bring down1who is unable to move. It’s very tough but who goes there must accept it. The human body is at it’s very limits at that height, there is simply no extra power to carrya80+ kilo. It’s pointless to argue why these people do it at the first place. Because they are human beings pursuingapassion and joy they love. Even if it’sarisky passion. There is no gain for humanity (or very little) but there is an unspeakable gain for the person doing it. It’saselfish sport or passion and that is what they are all in common. It’sasad thing that they are even willing to abandon their families for this obsession, but we have to accept that they are who they are. No judging for the mere fact that we are different and think different.

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