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    College Classes That Should Exist

    If I'm going to be in debt it might as well be worth it.

    1. DTR 101: Defining the Relationship between you and your significant other


    Professor: Justin Long (aka Alex from He's Just Not That Into You)

    Description: A look into the beginning of relationships and how to tell if it's going anywhere and if it's worth it

    2. FLM 200: Analyzing Mean Girls / Via

    Professor: Tina Fey

    Description: You can recite the movie by heart, but this course will discuss the symbolism and behind the scene details you've never really thought about.

    3. RES 251: How to lie on your resume and get away with it

    Professor: Pinocchio

    Description: A 1/2 semester course on little things you can add that will land you your dream job. Not proficient in excel? Who cares, that's what google is for!

    4. Tax 300: How to Pay Your Taxes (Forreal)


    Professor: TBD (probably someone from Shark Tank or one of Oprah's friends, whoever's available)

    Description: You're basically going to get punched in the face with reality. You might cry, but you'll gain important knowledge.

    5. HLTH 100: Is that a pimple or herpes?

    Professor: Coach Carr

    Description: Okay, gross, but college is a time for experimentation right? This won't save you a trip to the health center, but at least you'll have some idea of what you're in for.

    6. ECON 805: Paying Off Student Loans (and not being totally miserable) / Via

    Professor: Sallie Mae

    Description: Pretty much real world budgeting. You'll learn how to be a functioning adult that knows when they can't afford take out/bar bills anymore because they won't be able to pay actual bills.

    7. CUL 100: Basic Cooking

    HTTP:// / Via

    Professor: Ina Garten

    Description: Ah, learning how to do grocery shopping without going broke. This class will introduce you to the world of cooking which, oddly enough, includes more than ramen, bacon, and nutella.

    What class do you wish you could take? Comment below!

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