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    19 Times The Sprouse Twins Roasted Each Other On Twitter

    Nothing better than a good ole classic sibling rivalry.

    1. When Cole set the record straight.

    2. When Cole was really just trying to help us all.

    3. When social status produced friction.

    4. When Cole made us realize who the real Teletubbies fan was.

    5. OOO KILL EM.

    DRAG HIM!!!!

    6. ROAST HIM!!!!!!!

    7. When Cole posted this photo of his brother that simply said, "Not safe for work."

    8. This is literally all of us with our siblings, though.

    9. 🙊

    10. 😂😂😂😂

    11. Lets not forget Cole and Dylan's Twitter war featuring some GOLDEN photos.

    12. And so, the thrilling saga began!

    13. Classic.


    15. Some hard hits were thrown...


    17. But each punch was taken with valiance.

    18. But they finally reached a truce.

    19. Give it up for good old-fashioned brotherly love!

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