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15 Vines Proving Harry Styles Has No Chill When He's Onstage

Lots of butt-rubbing and falling.

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1. When he gave this guy a butt to the back. / Via

2. When he caused us to question what really goes down at One Direction concerts. / Via

3. When he slipped on nothing, and still managed to fall.

4. When he told everyone to throw whatever they had on stage and it got wild. / Via

5. When he tried to auction off this man to thousands of teenage girls. / Via

6. When he put everyone up, just to be put down. / Via

7. When he enlightened everyone by telling his interesting philosophy on life. / Via

8. When he aggressively spoke about his love for poutine. / Via

9. When he received a lovely bouquet of flowers..... / Via

10. ... and then turned into the ultimate diva. / Via

11. When he went hard. / Via

12. OH YEAH?! / Via

13. When he sent Chicago Bears fans to the cleaners. / Via

14. When he did his signature whale move, and his gum decided it wanted to see the light of day. / Via

15. And lastly, when he taught us that it's OK to be a little weird. Or a lot weird. / Via

Stay perfect, Harry.


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