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Life As Told By Summer Heights High

Welcome to Mr. G's room.

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1. When someone you hate posts a picture of them with your best friend.

2. When you're trying to get your friends to go out with you on a Friday night but they're not budging.

3. When you see your crush talking to other people.

4. When your best friend shows up late to the party.

5. When your friends ask about your ex's new girlfriend.

6. When someone tries to be your friend but you're just not into it.

7. When you don't do well on a test and the teacher asks to see you after class.

8. When bae won't give you the time of day.

9. When you walk into class late hungover AF with Starbucks in hand.

10. When your parents ask how things are going and you tell them great even though you cried watching an episode of Kids Baking Championship two nights ago.

11. When you thought your squad was lit in middle school but in reality you were just a bunch of shit heads.

12. When you leave school for the summer.

13. When you get off work late and pedestrians take their sweet time crossing the streets.

14. When you leave work on a Friday.

15. When you tried to get away with swearing when you were younger.

16. When your friend comes over to pregame and is wearing a rather risqué outfit.

17. When one of your friends gets broken up with you're left to deal with the aftermath.

18. When your friends don't like the selfie you posted on Instagram.

19. When you're just trying to make your way to the front of the bar in peace.


20. When your friends get mad at you for not responding in the group chat.

21. And finally, when you log onto Facebook and see that five new friends got engaged.


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