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The 16 Most Annoying Things That People On "House Hunters" Say

"I hate the color of these granite countertops in the walk-in man cave."

1. "Oooh, this will make for a great man cave."

2. *wife enters walk-in closet* "So, honey, where should we put YOUR clothes?"

3. "I'd like an open floor plan."

4. *husband looks at bedroom* "Ah, where the magic happens!"

5. "I'd describe my style as 'rustic charm.'"

6. Realtor: "This would make a perfect kid's room... or... an office."

7. "This one's about $25,000 over our budget, but we think it's the one."

8. "LOVE the crown molding."

9. Re: the bathtub, "Ooh, mind if I try it out? HAHA"

10. "We need more space to entertain. We have A LOT of friends."

11. "Well, I'd prefer stainless steel appliances."

12. "No his and hers sinks?!"

13. "I don't like that the neighbors can see us."

14. "Wow, look at these original hardwood floors."

15. "These aren't granite countertops..."

16. "I don't know. I don't like this paint color."