31 Insane Fabrics You Can Actually Buy

    You've always wanted to make a tortilla chip print crop top, but didn't realize it...UNTIL NOW.

    The following fabrics come from a hidden gem of a site called Nancy's Notions and they are beautiful.

    1. Potato fabric

    2. Baked Potato Fabric

    3. Cats Watching a Horror Movie Fabric

    4. Bread Fabric

    5. Artisan Bread Fabric

    6. Artisan Cheese Fabric

    7. Sexy Construction Guys Fabric

    8. Sexy Cowboy Fabric

    9. Sexy Founding Fathers Fabric

    10. Sexy Athlete Guys in Love Fabric

    11. Sexy Athlete Guys: Christmas Edition Fabric

    12. Blueberry Muffins in Tins Fabric

    13. Blueberry Muffins in Paper Fabric

    14. Pancake Fabric

    15. Black and White Cookies Fabric

    16. Chunky M&Ms Cookie Fabric

    17. Chocolate Covered Pretzels Fabric

    18. Ice Cream Sandwich Fabric

    19. Frappuchino Fabric

    20. Pop Tarts Fabric

    21. Popcorn Fabric

    22. Kittens in Beanies Fabric

    23. Pizza Fabric

    24. Pizza Party Fabric

    25. Pie Fabric

    26. Peanut Fabric

    27. Donut Fabric

    28. Majestic Lions Fabric

    29. S'Mores Fabric

    30. Tortilla Chip Fabric

    31. Nachos Fabric

    Now that we've probably convinced you to drop $50 on fabric, here is what you can make with it...

    Cute throw pillows

    A basic tote bag

    A no-sew totebag

    A bow tie

    Oven mitts

    A retro bustier top

    A patchwork quilt