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    How 14 Popular Paint Colors Look In Actual Rooms

    Because taping a paint chip to a wall is just not cutting it anymore.

    Picking out a new paint color can be surprisingly stressful. How are you supposed to gauge what a whole room will look like based on a teeny tiny paint chip?

    Here are how some popular paint colors look in real life rooms.

    1. Oceanside by Sherwin Williams

    2. Heirloom Red by Valspar

    A painted door adds an unexpected pop of color.

    3. Showstopper by Sherwin Williams (ceiling) and Verbena by Sherwin Williams (walls)

    4. Tidewater by Sherwin Williams

    5. Prarie Sage by Glidden

    6. Hazel by Sherwin Williams

    7. Graphite by Benjamin Moore

    8. Agreeable Grey by Sherwin Williams

    9. French Pale Gold by Behr

    10. Apricot Brandy by CIL

    11. Violet Mist by Benjamin Moore

    12. Cathedral Grey by Dutch Boy

    13. Tropical Sea by Behr

    14. Oregano by Benjamin Moore

    Lots of other paint color examples here.

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