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A Comprehensive Guide To Making The Cutoffs Of Your Dreams

There are dozens of ways to customize cutoffs. DOZENS!

Start off by cutting a basic pair of shorts.

You can also make them with a high-low hem.

Now that you've got your simple pair of jorts, THE WORLD IS YOUR DENIM OYSTER.

1. Add a pattern to the cuffs.

2. Scallop the hem.

3. Dip dye 'em.

4. Bleach only one leg of the shorts to achieve a contrasting look.

5. Add a lace panel.

6. Tranform the back pockets into adorable bows.

7. Embellish with doilies.

8. Add some polka dots.

9. Or a heart print.

10. Stamp on flowers to create a patterned effect.

11. Use a stencil to add a leopard print.

12. Add a whole bunch of embellishments.

13. Distress the edges.

14. Add lace trim.

15. Add geometric lines.

16. Add a galaxy print.

17. Make them ikat print.

18. Dip dye AND add a geometric print.

19. Add a frayed heart to the back pocket.

20. Dye them ombre style.

21. Tie bleach 'em.

22. Or bleach them completely and then tie dye them.

23. Dye them rainbow.

24. Sew on floral pocket patches.

25. Add studded corners.

26. Paint them like the American flag.