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38 Anthropologie Hacks

Ever walk around Anthropologie and think "I could make this stuff myself for so much cheaper"? Here's how you can!

Home Decor

1. Build this bookcase.

2. Make some rope coil planters.

3. Build a sculptural paper orb chandelier.

4. Craft some floral vases.

5. Transform old glasses into confetti patterned tumblers.

6. Sew some ruffled curtains.

7. Paint your own monagram mugs.

8. Sew a duvet cover.

9. Sew a quilted bedspread.

10. Turn old jars into chalkboard spice jars.

11. Create a pendant light fixture.

12. Sew a ruffled shower curtain.

13. Build a tea cup lamp.

14. Create a collaged fabric throw pillow.

15. Make candlesticks out of a variety of trinkets.

16. Create a lace embossed dish.

17. Transform an old dresser.

Clothing & Shoes

18. Make a half-lace, half-shirt top.

19. Embellish a dress with lace trim.

20. Add ruffles to a top.

21. Paint polka dots onto a pair of jeans.

22. Add lace to a striped tee.

23. Glitter a pair of flats.


24. Craft your own hair ties.

25. Knit a braided head wrap.

26. Knit a fox stole.

27. Craft some woven rope bracelets.

28. Embellish bobbipins with cloth flowers

29. Sew a ruffled apron.

30. Make a tassel and rope necklace.

31. Craft a thread-wrapped word necklace.

32. Create a hybrid scarf-necklace.

33. Make a woven ribbon statement necklace.

34. Craft a pair of beaded chandelier earrings.

Stationary & Gifts

35. Make you own tagged journal.

36. Craft a set of pom-pom thumbtacks.

37. Wrap a gift in pom-pom covered gift wrap.

38. Decorate a cake with a miniature tassel garland.

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