26 Things On Etsy You Need To Buy Right Now

For example, a pizza-shaped sleeping bag.

1. Stackable House Rings


2. Calligraphy Cake Topper

$70, from FrancisandFrancis.

3. A French Fry Print Bustier

$55, from ShowboatClothing.

4. Fast-Food Pasties

$45 from My Delilah.

‘Cause that french fry crop top was just way too modest.

5. Heart Cutout Shoes

Believe it or not, they’re VINTAGE. $38.

6. Spice Girls Polaroid Camera


7. “Balance” Bookshelf


8. “Even Artichokes Have Hearts” Pencils

$4 from The Carbon Crusader.

9. Pizza Sleeping Bag with Optional Vegetable Topping Pillows

$200. Pricey but essential.

10. “Whatever” Bunting


Celebrate the holidays or something.

11. Gummy Worm Scented Soap

A universally perfect gift. $7.95.

12. Vegetable Gift Wrap


13. Earl Grey Lip Balm


14. Snack-Food Printed Purse

Vintage Nicole Miller, y’all. $75.

15. Suggestive Panties


16. Patterned Paint Rollers



17. Justin Timberlake Middle School Tank


18. Cat Daisy Barrettes

$6 for 2.

19. Everything Bagel Greeting Card


20. Sprinkle Print Leggings

8-year-old you is freaking out right now. Present day you is freaking out right now. $68.

21. Personalized Leather Dog Backpack

To hold all of your dog’s hopes and dreams. $118.

22. Cupcake String Lights


23. Pee Wee Herman Hat

Your street cred is about to fly through the roof. $36.

24. Watermelon Stud Earrings


25. The “Life” Calendar


26. Tiny Crown Pin


The perfect way to let your child know she’s a princess without inflating her ego too much. $9.

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