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    21 Ways To Bring Your Instagram Photos To Life

    It's not just a picture of brunch, IT'S YOUR NEW WALL ART.

    1. Make a photo mosaic phone case.


    Learn how to make it here.

    2. Create a tiny photo book.

    Get 3 little books for only $10 from

    3. Craft a Polaroid shaped necklace.

    Instructions here.

    4. Turn your photos into wall art.

    You can print your favorites on a large scale for just a few dollars. Directions here.

    5. Make some mini magnets.

    Instructions here.

    6. Craft a set of custom coasters.

    7. Turn your favorite pictures into greeting cards.

    instructions here.

    8. Create a custom set of stickers.

    $10 for 252 stickers, from

    9. Make a canvas photo collage.

    Learn how to make it here.

    10. Customize a set of clothespins.

    Instructions here.

    11. Craft an Instagram-themed journal.

    12. Make some personalized cake bunting.

    Directions here.

    13. Build a commemorative lampshade.

    Directions here.

    14. Create a custom calendar.

    Directions here.

    15. Make a locket necklace.

    16. Craft these wooden photo blocks.

    Instructions here.

    17. Place them in a hexagon frame.

    Learn how to make it here.

    18. Turn your pictures into old-fashioned photobooth strips.

    Directions here.

    19. Turn your photos into large scale statement art.

    Get a set of 6 of your favorite Instagram photos printed on canvas for $210, available here.

    20. Build a wooden photo display.

    You can swap photos as often as you'd like. Learn how to build it here.

    21. Use your photos to create customized drink stirrers.

    Learn how to make them here.

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