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    21 Ways To Bring Your Instagram Photos To Life

    It's not just a picture of brunch, IT'S YOUR NEW WALL ART.

    1. Make a photo mosaic phone case.

    2. Create a tiny photo book.

    3. Craft a Polaroid shaped necklace.

    4. Turn your photos into wall art.

    5. Make some mini magnets.

    6. Craft a set of custom coasters.

    7. Turn your favorite pictures into greeting cards.

    8. Create a custom set of stickers.

    9. Make a canvas photo collage.

    10. Customize a set of clothespins.

    11. Craft an Instagram-themed journal.

    12. Make some personalized cake bunting.

    13. Build a commemorative lampshade.

    14. Create a custom calendar.

    15. Make a locket necklace.

    16. Craft these wooden photo blocks.

    17. Place them in a hexagon frame.

    18. Turn your pictures into old-fashioned photobooth strips.

    19. Turn your photos into large scale statement art.

    20. Build a wooden photo display.

    21. Use your photos to create customized drink stirrers.