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    21 Pinterest Projects The World Will Never Need

    Got a spare piano lying around? TURN IT INTO A FOUNTAIN!!!

    1. "Display your earrings on an old cheese grater."

    If you can afford to spray-paint a cheese grater in a vibrant shade of turquoise and own enough earrings to hang on it, I assure you that you can afford something else, ANYTHING ELSE, for organizing.

    2. "Use your old computer tower as a mailbox."

    3. "Transform a peach pit into a strawberry necklace."

    The perfect craft project for when you want people to question your child's home environment.

    4. "Use a whisk as a handy cotton ball holder."

    5. "Upcycle used lightbulbs into candles."

    Do you smell that? That's the smell of your dignity burning. Also, your house probably.

    6. "Upcycle an old shopping cart into a rolling chair."

    7. "Repurpose old barrels into a drum set."

    I predict the overlap between people who have surplus amounts of barrels and the people who need a drum set is maybe none.

    8. "this is cool ... Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over โ€” Amazing bathroom floor โ€” or could do for a desk top.. or coffee table..WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS."

    I don't think this is an actual project, but maybe a screencap from an episode of Law & Order: SVU?

    9. "Repurpose vegetable peels as doll clothes."

    10. "Turn a used chair into a hall tree."

    Might as well call this chair Robespierre because it looks like he's been sentenced to the guillotine.


    11. "Upcycle your old Crocs into flower pots."

    Excuse me while I go upcycle my lunch.

    12. "Turn an old chair into a DIY dog feeder."

    What is the point?

    (I'm not asking about the chair, I just mean life in general.)

    13. "Upcycle a watering can into a decorative shower head."


    14. "Use your old iPhone case as a chocolate mold."

    15. "Turn an old phone charger into a colorful hair accessory."

    A fun and quirky way to let everyone know you're ready for electrocution.

    16. "Transform an old mini fridge into video game storage."

    If you have enough video game controllers and an excess mini fridge to warrant this, maybe it's not a quick and easy storage solution you need BUT AN INTERVENTION.

    17. "Pot plants in an old handbag."

    18. "Turn an old piano into a decorative yard fountain."

    The latest trend in landscape design: Titanic.

    19. "Use teacups as curtain tiebacks."

    Not pictured: the curtain swinging back and forth as you collect pieces of a broken teacup handle with a dustpan and broom.

    20. "Turn your old bike into a bathroom counter."

    21. "Transform an old DVD into a decorative clock."


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