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    21 Pinterest Projects The World Will Never Need

    Got a spare piano lying around? TURN IT INTO A FOUNTAIN!!!

    1. "Display your earrings on an old cheese grater."

    2. "Use your old computer tower as a mailbox."

    3. "Transform a peach pit into a strawberry necklace."

    4. "Use a whisk as a handy cotton ball holder."

    5. "Upcycle used lightbulbs into candles."

    6. "Upcycle an old shopping cart into a rolling chair."

    7. "Repurpose old barrels into a drum set."

    8. "this is cool ... Lay a mirror down, take a hammer to it, pour polyurethane over — Amazing bathroom floor — or could do for a desk top.. or coffee table..WALKING ON BROKEN GLASS."

    9. "Repurpose vegetable peels as doll clothes."

    10. "Turn a used chair into a hall tree."

    11. "Upcycle your old Crocs into flower pots."

    12. "Turn an old chair into a DIY dog feeder."

    13. "Upcycle a watering can into a decorative shower head."

    14. "Use your old iPhone case as a chocolate mold."

    15. "Turn an old phone charger into a colorful hair accessory."

    16. "Transform an old mini fridge into video game storage."

    17. "Pot plants in an old handbag."

    18. "Turn an old piano into a decorative yard fountain."

    19. "Use teacups as curtain tiebacks."

    20. "Turn your old bike into a bathroom counter."

    21. "Transform an old DVD into a decorative clock."