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    21 Adorable Scalloped DIYs

    Scallops are like the sugar of the craft world...they make everything sweeter.

    These are not the scallops I am talking about.

    Not these either.


    1. A layered tulle skirt

    2. Scalloped Wall Art

    3. Go a step further and cover your whole wall in scallops.

    4. Scalloped Collar Necklace

    5. Scalloped lampshade

    6. Scalloped Fringe Garland

    7. Transform an old pair of shorts by adding a scalloped hem.

    8. Apply the same technique to jorts.

    9. Or an old skirt.

    10. Or an old PENCIL skirt.

    11. Create a scalloped suede skirt

    12. Make your own stamp to add a scalloped print to a plain dress.

    13. Craft a scalloped case for your Ipad.

    14. Add a scalloped collar to a basic dress.

    15. Or to an old button-up shirt.

    16. Add detachable scalloped cuffs to a sweater.

    17. Make a scalloped envelope clutch.

    18. Sew this precious dress with a scalloped collar.

    19. Frost a cake in scallops.

    20. Paint some scallops on your nails.

    21. Make some baby bunting.