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    17 Super Simple Dorm Organization Tricks

    Going back to school might make your brain feel like a mess, but that doesn't mean your room should look like one.

    1. Use soda can tabs to hang more clothes in your closet.

    Instead of dropping cash on space-saving hangers, save soda tabs and use them to fit twice the amount of hangers in your closet.

    2. Store snacks in an over-the-door shoe organizer.

    3. Keep your cords tidy by attaching binder clips to your desk.

    4. Use bed risers that double as a power source.

    Increase your under-the-bed space and your outlet access.

    Available here.

    5. If you have a kitchen, use file dividers to store pans.

    Let's be honest, you will probably never use these to file actual paper anyways. Put them to good use!

    6. Use small tension rods to the make the most of tiny, blank spaces.

    The same method works for shoes, too.

    7. If you don't have room for a bedside table, use a mattress caddy.

    It stays put by sliding under your mattress. Only $7.93! Available here.

    8. Line your standard plastic storage drawers with decorative paper.

    Plastic storage bins are boring and expose all of your junk. Line them with colored paper that matches the rest of your room.

    Instructions here.

    9. Use an over-the-door hamper on the back of your closet.

    Since your floor space is limited, why waste it on a pile of dirty clothes?

    Make this DIY version from an embroidery hoop and a large pillow case.

    Or buy one here.

    10. Use ice cube trays to keep your jewelry organized.

    Also works with small office supplies.

    11. Keep your necklaces tangle-free by tacking them to a bulletin board.

    12. Invest in a laptop lock.

    Protect your laptop when you need a bathroom break or if you just have a roommate who always forgets to the lock the door.

    Available here.

    13. Divide an underbed organizer.

    Admittedly, this is for the very ambitious student.

    Get a plastic under bed organizer (like this). Cut pieces of heavy posterboard to fit and divide by each weekday. Use it to plan out your weekly outfits in advance or which textbooks/notebooks you'll need for each day.

    14. Turn a TV table into a foldable ironing table.

    Doubles as an extra workspace when you're not ironing.

    Learn how to make it here.

    15. Use removable plastic pods to keep your toiletries organized.

    You can attached them otherwise overlooked areas, like the side of your desk or closet door, and make the most out of your tiny space.

    Available here.

    16. Use a shower caddy to organize your school supplies and save desk space.

    17. Organize your desk drawers with these dividers made from old cereal boxes.

    Cereal is now one of your basic food groups, so you might as well make the most of those empty boxes.

    Instructions here.