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    16 DIY Ways To Take Your Store-Bought Cake To The Next Level

    Zero piping-bag skills required.

    Just because you're serving up a store bought cake doesn't mean it has to look boring.

    1. Stick on some celebratory bunting.

    2. Adorn your cake with balloons.

    3. Turn Mike & Ikes and toothpicks into tiny popsicles.

    4. Turn plastic animals into a set of metallic toppers.

    5. Use merengue cookies to create the illusion of piped frosting.

    6. Or you can even add rock candy.

    7. Add a set of geometric shaped toppers.

    8. Craft pipe cleaners into decorative shapes.

    9. Add a custom silhouette.

    10. Add some tiny heart-shaped pinatas.

    11. Turn a box of powdered donuts into a dozen DIAMOND RINGS!

    12. Stick some lollipops in cupcakes.

    13. Add a giant paper number.

    14. Add some glitter gems.

    15. Or even hearts.

    16. Make candy necklaces look surprisingly impressive.

    Now, you're ready to serve the BEST CAKE EVER!