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15 Ways To Amp Up Your Eyeliner Game

Kick that boring cat eye to the curb.

So, you're getting tired of the same old eyeliner routine, eh?

1. Experiment with a color other than black.

2. Try out an ombré look.

3. The same technique works with metallics too.

4. If you don't want to buy a new colored liner, make use of eye shadow you already have.

5. Or turn your liner into a super-pigmented shadow.

6. Layer your usual black liner over a neon base.

7. Make your eyes pop by adding shadow to the inner rims.

8. Wing your liner and shadow, for a look that's twice as dramatic.

9. Wing out pastel shadow for a mod look.

10. Eyelash glue + glitter = the most impressive glitter liner of all time.

11. Use neon shadow as liner.

12. Crosshatch and smudge your usual liner for dark shadow effect.

13. Line your bottom waterline with an unexpected color.

14. Try out a festive rainbow cat eye.

15. Layer on liquid liner for a striped look.

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