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14 Impossibly Cute Halloween Hair Ideas That Require No Costume

Hair is where the horror is.

1. Medusa

The Joy of Fashion /

Fake snakes, bobby pins, and a few easy braids and BAM, you're Medusa. Bonus: The messier this hair looks, the better. Click here for instructions.

2. Spider

Simple As That /

Finally, a use for all of those friggin' pipe cleaners you've had sitting around for years! Get the instructions here.

3. Mouse

Gleeful Things /

Follow these directions to make little mouse ears, and you're all set.

4. Butterfly

All Day Chic /

Braiding skills, will power, and a load of hairspray may be required, but there's no way your friends won't be impressed when you show up as a butterfly. There's a full tutorial here.

5. Rockabilly Girl

The Freckled Fox /

Roll up some fake bangs, tie up a scarf, and go straight rockabilly with help from this tutorial.

6. Ariana Grande

Kouture Kiss /

Last-minute party? Give yourself a half-up hairdo and go as Ariana.

7. Maleficent

Makeup Artist Nicole Fae /

Follow this impressive tutorial to become a real life version of Maleficent.

8. Unicorn

Etsy /

See, they do exist!

9. Bird Lady

My Imaginary Blog /

Put those old Beanie Babies to use, people. Click here for more pics and instructions.

10. Cat/Taylor Swift

Why Don't You Make Me /

The untrained eye may think this is just a cat costume, but T. Swift fans know the truth. Learn how to make it here.

11. Elsa From "Frozen"

Twist Me Pretty /

Follow this tutorial to get the Elsa braid!

12. Mummy

Princess Piggies /

Fair warning for this mummy ponytail: Don't make any sharp turns around corners. Get the spooky details here.

13. Princess Leia

Opening Ceremony /

Sock buns put to good use. Here's how.

14. Christmas Tree

The Scarlett Rose Garden /

For every trick-or-treater just waiting for Christmas.