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It's Time To Talk About “Girl Next Door” By Saving Jane

Guys...I don't know why this has never been discussed at length, but if you like "You Belong With Me", by Taylor Swift...prepare for some tea.

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One day, I was listening to my throwbacks playlist on Spotify, as you do, and "Girl Next Door" came up on shuffle. This song was my jam back when I was 10, so I didn't think too much of me knowing all the words....until I realized I was singing the WRONG WORDS.

My playlist's name is "the way way back", in case you were curious. Follow it.

So, as you can see, they both reference the "other girl" being a cheerleader which is kinda specific, but not that bad. HOWEVER, when you examine music videos, you'll see that the similarities do not end there.

And speaking of music videos, here's the only link I could find to the "Girl Next Door" music video which...bears discussion outside of the post anyway, but there are a couple of points I'd like to make.

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First, the two videos are basically the exact same. One girl is popular, one girl is an "adorkable loser who wears glasses". I actually thought for awhile that the Saving Jane music video used the same idea of having the same actress play both girls, but I honestly can't tell with the low quality of this video.

They also both have their main dramatic scene at the prom, where the adorkable loser finally gets to be the prom queen and stick it to this other girl (who, in the Taylor Swift video, basically was right about her boyfriend having feelings for another girl and her main flaw was being a cheerleader, so, take that as you will).

And I am NOT the only one who thinks this!!!! The comments on Saving Jane's music video are all essentially this:

I have been thinking about this since September, and I really needed an outlet, so thank you & goodnight.

why have we never discussed that you belong with me is a rip off of 2000s classic girl next door by saving jane

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