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‘Catball Eats It All’ Brings Murals To Life On The iOS

Say hello to Catball Eats It All. This strange concoction is the product of Broken Compass Studios and is ready to take the iOS by storm with its unique brand of puzzle-platforming. The concept is pretty simple: players control catball and make their way around a variety of unique levels, eating treats so that they become bigger and gain the ability to eat bigger things. Before it is all said and done, your little catball will be able to consume the entire level, though we aren’t sure you want to considering how gorgeous they are. All of the levels in the game are based on real-life murals which the artists on the development team have turned into digital form. The result is addictive gameplay set inside a world with an absolutely killer visual style. The game will make its way onto Apple’s AppStore on December 1, 2011. You can check out a couple of cool videos on the game below, including both gameplay and a speed art depiction of the process it takes to convert a real life mural into a game level.

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Take a look at the process of creating a level for the up-coming iPhone & iPad game "Catball Eats It All": From paintbrush to interactive game.

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