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The Best And Worst Of Miley Cyrus

From teeny bopper to Draco Malfoy to sex goddess, and everything in between.

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Miley As: Draco Malfoy

Ok, here we go, Miley's first short blonde haircut. Do we like it? Not really. But that's ok, because Miley is finally transitioning from the world of Disney stars into the world of crazy psychotic drugged up Hollywood girls who don't know when to just shut up and go to bed already. And we like her better this way!

Miley As: Hot Mess

Sometimes she forgets to comb her hair and put on a bra. At least she remembered those colossal earrings. Wait a minute, her boobs were definitely way bigger in the nip slip pic. There's something sketchy going on here, Miley...

Miley As: .....What?!!

Miley? Miley. Umm...Miley...uh, what the? What the hell is this?? Did someone let you loose in Marilyn Manson's sex lair? Remember "The Climb" Miley! For the love of God, I need you to remember "The Climb."

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