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    • fywt3998

      1: Phone locked = shady.
      OR just a private person. I leave my phone charging at work with other employees constantly in the same vicinity. Some of them are nosy. They don’t need to know about the text conversations I have with my friends. 5: Half a dozen alarms set to wake up in the morning = unreliable.
      OR they accept the fact that they have trouble waking up and take precautions to make sure they ARE, in fact, reliable and punctual. 8: Location settings always off = sketchball.
      OR trying to save battery. I know where I am and where I’ve been. I don’t need my phone to remind me. 9: Cracked screen and didn’t get it fixed = careless.
      OR broke. Some of us have more important things to spend our money on rather than expensive phone replacements when the condition of the screen doesn’t affect its basic function. Like food, clothing, housing, and insurance. If you’re actually judging someone’s entire personality based on mundane facts about their phone, then you’re the one with the real issues.

    • fywt3998

      “Whenever someone says, ‘I listen to everything.’ No you don’t. You just listen to the radio and don’t really care about music at all. Essentially, you listen to nothing.” I’m sorry. Am I not allowed to appreciate a vast variety of music genres for the qualities which they each bring to the table? The only music I won’t tolerate is religious music, but other than that, it’s all fair game. When I feel like relaxing I’ll listen to anything from smooth jazz to chill wave to soft R&B and “ambient” music. When I want to get pumped up or vent anger I enjoy hard rock, punk rock, dubstep, EDM, and certain types of rap and hip-hop. When I’m depressed or misanthropic I choose music based on lyrics regardless of how they actually sound. And I also enjoy everything from classic rock and metal to actual classical music depending on the experience I want at the time. I can’t stand when people say things like “I hate people who say ‘I’ll listen to anything good.’ Just pick a band/genre”. Sorry I’m not stuck in a box, or prefer to resort to a limited selection of the endless choices of music purely because I choose music to suit my image. I choose music to suit my mood. And I have an expansive myriad of moods. There’s multiple types of music for each one.

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