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10 Tiny Houses That We Would Consider Moving Into

Great things come in small packages... preferably with a roof. For more of these small wonders, check out the new season of Tiny House Nation, premiering December 22 at 9et/10pt on FYI Network.

1. This Ohio home that is your new design inspiration, just in a fun-sized package:

Because we're dying over the green accents, and that nook is the only place we want to hibernate all day, every day.

2. Or live the mountain life you've always wanted in this adorable (and gorgeous) retreat in Colorado:

True, it might only be 500 square feet, but when you add a loft and killer mountain views, it's pleeeenty of space.

3. This tiny Maryland home that proves decorating skills don't need to downsize:

That art! Those chairs! THAT GARAGE DOOR?! Yes. Yes. AAAAAND yes.

4. Or this Tennessee family home that even a princess will enjoy:

Because when you only have 172 square feet to work with, it totally makes sense to have a castle right next to the kitchen (and your master bedroom, too).

5. This Oregon home lets you enjoy the amenities of a log cabin... just with a lot less lumber:

Little garden on the top, a sensible sunroof to give you light, and cabin ambience? Really, there's nothing else you need.

6. If you want to move out of NYC but still live like you're in an apartment, this little house makes it totally doable:

Except this Rochester oasis has a movie screen, beds in every hidden nook, and an actual yard. Yup, we want to go to there.

7. This Massachusetts house gives a whole new meaning to "bachelor pad":

Because if you're a bachelor and you have a TV, you don't really need a ton of space... right? Right.

8. And this Tennessee oasis has enough room for the whole family:

Literally. Think you could ever fit your family of four in 336 square feet? Well, this cozy house might make you want to try.

9. This Minnesota hideout has a lot more to offer once you set foot inside:

It's like living in the most beautiful treehouse you've ever laid eyes on, except with running water... and on the ground.

10. And this tiny house in Vermont has a surprising amount of space for such a cozy place:

Who knew you could have so many rooms in only 493 square feet? Just because you're building small doesn't mean you can't dream big.

Get inspired by more tiny houses on Tiny House Nation, premiering December 22 at 9et/10pt on FYI Network.

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All images courtesy of FYI Network.