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Everything You Need To Know About Tiger Time 2017

Each year LSU's department of First Year Experience invites first year students into Tiger Stadium to take a picture in the shape of "LSU" for an event called Tiger Time. Here's everything you need to know to be prepared to sit in the student section for the first time as an LSU Tiger!

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Tip #1: Show up early with an LSU ID card.


Tiger Stadium opens at 6:00 and we will be there until 7:00! Show up as early as 5:00 with your friends! The first 100 students in line will get a free insomnia cookie!

Tip #3 Bring a used shirt to donate and then collect a definitions button.


This year FYE is giving first-year students a chance to win a tour of Tiger Stadium. Students can be entered to win by attending signature Bengal Bound events to collect definition buttons. The students with the most buttons at the end of Bengal Bound will be entered to win. Hint, Hint: Tiger Time is a signature event

Tip #4 Pick your very own Tiger definition before getting to the stadium.


This year's Bengal Bound theme is Define Yourself highlighting what it means to be an LSU Tiger! FYE is encouraging students to pick their favorite definition. Students, who attend Tiger Time, will get a free t-shirt with their definition on it.

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