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5 Social Challenges We're All Facing And The Young Australians Fighting Them

The Foundation for Young Australians would like you to meet these amazing young Australians doing things and making the world a better place.

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1. The students fighting anti-gay and anti-trans behaviour:

FYA / Via

How do you protect your friends from bullying and educate others on how using the word "gay" as a slur to describe things isn't OK? You do what these students did and get your whole school to pledge not to use it anymore.

2. The girls and women fighting sexism and underrepresentation in the tech world:

FYA / Adappt / Via

Only 13% of IT graduates are female and only 28.34% of the IT industry are women. That's messed up. But when you've got someone like Sophie Power killing it, and people pushing for support from the gov to get more young women into tech, you know there are good things happening.

3. These amazing young people fighting for more opportunities for other young indigenous people in Australia:

FYA / Via

There's a huge lack of indigenous people in leadership roles all across Australia, but these students and the IMPACT program are making sure the future of Australian leadership will be much more diverse.

4. The youth groups helping fight climate change:

Our generation gets a bad rap for not giving a sh*t about things. But we call BS. The Australian Youth Climate Coalition is all about building a movement and helping others, who will help our planet for future generations to come.

5. These high school students that created a café to help end school violence:

FYA / Via

After a school stabbing, these students decided to do something about it: start a café, giving students somewhere to hang out and help others get fed if they needed it. Because they figured you're less likely to get violent if you're not hungry. Legends.

These are only a handful of young Australians doing amazing things. If you want to get involved but don't know how or where to start, don't stress. FYA is here to help. Check them out and see what else is happening.