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    20 Common Reactions To The Broken U.S. Immigration System

    Our broken immigration system is a serious and important issue. With a little humor, these are some of the most common reactions to a system that badly needs reform.

    1) Waiting up to 20 years to be allowed to become a citizen:

    2) Being an immigrant business owner and having to send photographs of different employees and your offices in order to prove it's all real:

    3) Not being permitted to accept a job or internship due to your immigration status:

    4) When you overhear someone say that immigrants take American jobs:

    5) Missing yet another flight connection due to scrutiny over your visa status:

    6) Applying for two types of visas, but ultimately not qualifying for either:

    7) The day you found out about President Obama's memorandum for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) allowing DREAMers to legally work in the US without fear of deportation:

    8) Sheer satisfaction of finally joining a team as a paid employee after months/years of volunteering:

    9) The relief of finalizing the 8 pounds worth of paperwork it took for you to complete your visa application:

    10) What it feels like the immigration services office does with your file:

    11) The feeling of being stuck waiting on visa formalities with no time frame:

    12) Nervous to speak your mind or stick up for yourself while waiting for final word on your visa application:

    13) Waking up for your first day of work after getting your DACA work authorization card:

    14) Realizing you'll have to renew your DACA after just two years:

    15) Watching the Senate pass a bipartisan immigration reform bill last June:

    16) Waiting for the House to take action:

    17) Every time a new member of Congress comes out in support of immigration reform:

    18) Listening to Congressional leaders say immigration reform will not happen in 2013:

    19) When someone asks if you want immigration reform to pass:

    20) What you'll do when Congress finally passes immigration reform: