18 Unforgettable Moments From “How I Met Your Mother”

We dare you to try to pick a favorite.

1. The first time we saw the opening:


2. When Ted stole for Robin:


3. When Ted and Marshall bonded to the sounds of The Proclaimers:

4. When we met "the doppelgängers":


5. When we learned about "Slapsgiving":


6. When we learned Barney's rules for laser tag:

7. When Marshall took swordplay too seriously:


8. All the "Corporal Punishment" or "General Knowledge" jokes:





9. When it was clear Barney and Robin had something:

10. When Robin invited us to go to the mall with her:


11. When Ted and Robin finally let go of each other:


12. When Ted's kids had had enough:


13. When we saw Marshmallow and Lilypad sing "Don't Go Breaking My Heart":

14. All the "interventions":


15. When Barney said Robin is the best thing to come out of Canada on "Canada Day":


16. When Ted bumped into the Mother on the way to class:


17. All the proposals:


18. When Ted started falling in love with the Mother:


When the mother of all comedies ends, a new comedy begins. The series premiere of Friends with Better Lives, right after the finale of How I Met Your Mother, tonight at 8/7c only on CBS.

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