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    14 "WandaVision" Moments That Are Still Funny To This Day

    "Aren't we a fine pair?"

    1. When Wanda accidentally sent the lobster she was supposed to cook for dinner out the window.

    Wanda Maximoff, tinted in black and white, uses her magic to hover two lobsters over a pot of boiling water before accidentally tossing them out of an open window.

    2. When Vision ate some gum when he wasn't supposed to and it caused him to become intoxicated.

    An animated picture of the inside of a robot as it swallows a piece of smiling gum and Vision, dressed in a suit and top hat, tells Wanda, "Wanda, my little cabbage, you look smashing!"

    3. Whenever Wanda would hide her pregnancy with increasingly funny and strange props.

    Wanda wears a blue wool coat, Wanda wears a yellow rubber rain jacket, Wanda hides her pregnant stomach with a bowl overflowing with fruit, and Wanda hides her pregnant stomach with a vase of flowers.

    4. When Darcy's circus act was to be chained up to the car.

    Darcy Lewis has chains across her chest and arms as she stands in front of an old timey car.

    5. When Agatha broke the fourth wall with this iconic look.

    Agatha Harkness looks very confused directly into the camera.

    6. When Wanda left this costume in Vision's wardrobe and he wore it because he is the most loving synthezoid ever.

    Vision wears a green body suit, a yellow cape, and matching gloves with his entire face painted bright red.

    7. When Vision and Wanda put on a chaotic magic show in front of the town.

    Vision, wearing a suit and top hat, lifts a piano off the ground with one hand and Wanda, wearing a top hat and sparkly body suit, reveals that the piano was a cardboard cut out.

    8. When Wanda filmed her Modern Family-style confessional and tried to convince us she was fine.

    Wanda, wearing a blue flannel, sits in a striped armchair and tells the chair, "I'm fine," over and over again.

    9. Whenever Wanda scrunched her nose.

    Wanda Maximoff scrunches her nose when looking at her husband, Vision, and children, Billy and Tommy.

    10. When Monica found out who Pietro really was and we were all treated to this incredible name.

    Monica Rambeau holds up a picture of Ralph Bohner, a teenager whose house Agatha took over in Westview.

    11. When Vision pointed out one of Wanda's biggest strengths...

    Wanda uses her magic to try to put a dish on back on the shelves, but Vision, who was walking by, gets hit in the head with the dish and says, "My wife and her flying saucers."

    12. ...and when Wanda pointed out his.

    Wanda, tinted in black and white, tells Vision, "My husband and his indestructible head."

    13. When Vision sang "Yakety Yak" during the dinner party with his boss and his wife to distract them from seeing Wanda using her magic to make dinner.

    Vision begins singing to distract Mrs. Hart who was about to see Wanda using her magic to make their cooking utensils float through the air.

    14. And finally, when Darcy said what we were all thinking about Director Hayward.

    Jimmy Woo leans to whisper to Darcy Lewis as they stand in for their military briefing and he said, "I try not to speak ill of people." And Darcy responds, "Then allow me. Hayward’s a…"