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  • Toughest F150s Of All Time

    For years now, the Ford F150 has been the truck millions have turned to to get the job done. Known for its dependability and toughness, it’s no surprise many F150 lovers from Utah to the East Coast take to decking their truck out and making it hotter than one may have even thought possible.

  • The Top 5 Songs About Running

    Every runner has his or her favorite training playlist of upbeat or inspirational music. However, few athletes are aware that there are five great songs that are literally about running and are prefect for any workout. Furthermore, these songs are becoming even more popular because their lyrics and beat perfectly match different periods of a run.

  • Popular Running Tattoos

    Although many individuals feel that a t-shirt is enough to remember their training and running by, some choose more permanent ways of remembering their dedication to fitness. Due to this trend, individuals can continue reading to discover the five most popular running tattoos.

  • Videos That Have Redefined Advertising

    The advent of broadcast television brought with it an entirely new ad medium and soon after, video production companies were born. Though advances in production technology enable beautifully rendered videos, there are some videos that stand the test of time. Listed below are celebrated commercials, both old and new, ranked among the best-of-the-best.

  • Things More Important than Kim Kardashian’s Booty

    Kim K has yet again burst onto the scene with a photo of her bare behind as a way to, as she puts it, “feel more confident.” The magazine that shot the, dare we say it, spread did so in order to “break the internet.” Unfortunately for Kim, she has a long way to go if she wants to be as important as the items listed below and the companies marketing to make the issues known.

  • Hottest Trucks And Cars At SEMA

    The SEMA Show is one of the most popular automotive events in the world. The show takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center every year and brings together some of the most innovative minds and products in the automotive industry.

  • 8 Outrageous Public Service Announcements

    Public Service Announcements (PSAs) come in all shapes and sizes: informative, cheesy, obnoxious and pointless. Most video production companies don’t pride themselves in what they’ve been asked to make, but once and a while you’ll stumble across a real gut-buster (whether intentional or not). Listed below are 8 PSAs that afford viewers some cheap laughs.

  • Running: You’re Doing It Wrong

    On the sixth day, God created man and implanted within his very being the capacity to run. Initially, this ability was intended for Adam and Eve to flee from lions and those creepy sidewinder snakes after being cast out of the Garden of Eden. In time, however, mankind would further fall into the trenches of stupidity, feeling it necessary to classify running as a “hobby.” Many have even gone as far to deem the soft torture method “fun.” Such is the case with nearly everything, when it comes to anaerobic training, there’s both a way to do it right and wrong.

  • Advertising Campaigns Gone Terribly Wrong

    Usually advertising campaigns are thought out and promote a company or agency in a successful way. But occasionally, one will go horribly wrong and gain attention from people in Utah to New York. Here are just a few examples of advertising campaign fails.

  • 8 Unconventional Ways To Improve Running

    Runners can suffer from conditions that doctors can’t always treat. However, alternative medicine can offer relief from various injuries and illnesses. Individuals who enjoy running multiple miles per week can manage their health and wellness by utilizing alternative practices.

  • Chips That Are Worse Than A Rock Chip

    There’s nothing worse than driving peacefully down the road and being suddenly assaulted by a rock that chips the windshield. Thankfully, rock chip repair is something that is inexpensive, doesn’t take a lot of time and isn’t physically painful to anyone, unlike other types of chips.

  • The Most Romantic of Songs to Listen to by the Fireplace

    There’s something about a fireplace — be it gas, electric or all natural — that brings couples together. Like peanut better with jelly, salt with pepper or crime with the Oakland Raiders football franchise, love songs — some better than others — go perfectly with the romantic powers of a fireplace.

  • Don’t Take This Seriously…

    Many an advertising agency knows that one of the best ways to appeal to potential customers is using humor in commercials. Unfortunately, there are plenty of times where an agency’s attempt to be funny crosses the line into becoming offensive or if people simply don’t get the joke. But what is potentially even worse is when an ad attempts to be serious but somehow becomes unintentionally funny.

  • The Most Likable Ad Spokespeople of All Time

    There are plenty of qualities that help determine whether consumers will respond positively to an ad or not. Video production quality, an interesting or humorous message and even the product itself can all have a tremendous impact on an advertiser’s ability to improve business for their client. One element of advertising that can make all the difference is having the right spokesperson. The right spokesperson can sell anything, while a bad spokesperson couldn’t even sell Jell-o in Utah. Here are some of the most likable (and successful) ad spokespeople in the business.

  • Eight Reasons As To Why New Car Dealerships Are About As Cool As Tobacco Use

    Excluding baseball players and rednecks, from Utah to the farthest reaches of the east coast, Americans are realizing that tobacco use is stupid and not nearly as cool as the Marlboro Man originally made it out to be. Likewise, buying a new car couldn’t be dumber. Where tobacco and flashy automobiles fail, fleshy pink lungs and used cars have excelled.

  • People Who Would Get Denied For A Car Loan

    Getting approved for a used car shouldn’t be hard to do. That is, if you’re a decent person that hasn’t committed identity fraud or a serious crime. Sometimes, it’s not your credit that will get you denied but rather your name. No good dealership really wants a person with a poor reputation behind the wheel of one of its cars. Sorry OJ, but it’s not likely you’ll be approved for a Bronco anytime soon.

  • Tattoos that Embody Ford

    Tattoos are a great way to show off the love someone has for something. Typically, it’s an inspirational quote or an image that represents who they are. Sometimes, people just love their trucks so much that they find it necessary to tattoo Ford logos and images on their bodies. When they turn out well, these tattoos embody Ford.

  • Squirt Guns Cool Enough To Be Kept In A Gun Safe

    If you haven’t realized, water guns are getting pretty serious. There are some awesome guns out there on the market that deserve to be kept in a gun safe. Keeping them in a gun safe may just keep you from getting soaked by your kids all day long. Check out these water guns worthy of being kept in a safe.

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