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14 Things That Are Totally Not Creepy

These things are not creepy. Trust us. Especially Furby. He loves you.

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1. Spiders

Holley And Chris Melton / Via Flickr: 69552755@N03

They have eight legs... to HUG YOU with.

2. Manta rays

Don Richards / Via Flickr: 45209995@N00

They don't have stingers like stingrays, guys.

3. Dolls

Lara604 / Via Flickr: lara604


4. Furbys

They're so not creepy. We swear! Furby just wants to love you.

They're so not creepy. We swear! Furby just wants to love you.

5. Clowns


Don't let those movies scare you.

6. Shadows


If you know anything about shadow puppets, you know that shadows can be very misleading. There could be a very friendly person behind that silhouette.

7. Bats

Via Little Animal GIFs and rraaaarrl

Just get to know one up close, and your whole attitude will be changed.

8. Hairless cats

Quinton Moran and Josh McGeehon

All cats are adorable! Really.

9. The wind


It's unnerving when the wind unexpectedly moves things, but it's just its way of greeting strangers!

10. The dark


Lightness AND darkness. Embrace them both.

11. Ghosts


Have you ever heard of Casper? He was a friendly ghost.

12. Skeletons


Skeletons are people too! They just don't have skin.

13. Victorian spirit photography

William Hope in the WIkimedia Commons / Via

They did "Photoshop" before there was Photoshop.

14. Mannequins

Bill Stilwell / Via Flickr: 35034346679@N01