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BY SASHA FICHERACentennial, CO – Any mention of Halloween Dog Costumes usually conjures up thoughts of super cuteness and fun, along with worries about stressing or upsetting the dog — which are precisely the concerns that Furbabeez wants to change in their approach to this years Halloween frivolities. Starting September 1 2017, the Furbabeez product launch team embarked on a campaign to promote their range of Halloween Dog Costumes, showcasing all the designs and styles that make Halloween so much fun with your pet, in conjunction with a range of supporting events and messaging tools created to ensure that pet owners are aware and prepared for all the possible dangers that Halloween can create for their pets. “Halloween should be a fun and exciting time for the family and for your four legged family members,” said one product developer. “However, because of the change in routine, hazards such as costumes, toxic candies that dogs can ingest or decorations with fire that they can accidently trip over, we need to make sure our pets have fun, but also stay safe. We have been encouraging people to be well prepared for any potential hazards to dogs. To help people prepare their homes for Halloween parties, we have released guides and promoted events where customers can get tips and tricks on how to keep their pets safe during Halloween.”

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Company owner and founder, Sasha Fichera fully endorses the idea: “We absolutely love the fun and mayhem of Halloween and can’t wait for our customers to see the amazing range of costumes and styles we have on offer for their dog. We also want to make sure that people buy the right products for their dogs, costumes that fit well and don’t restrict movement. Dog costumes that the pet won’t chew off and swallow or become stuck on an obstacle are so important for the health and safety of the dog. Halloween can be so much fun for the outgoing pet, but it can also be too noisy and too much stimulation for pets, so we need to make sure that everyone in our Furbabeez community has access to good information on how to look after their pets during Halloween” 

Furbabeez has released a helpful guide for looking after your pet during Halloween and made this resource available to all customers on the website.

“We are also collaborating with influencers,” said Ms. Fichera, “and using different channels like Youtube and Facebook events to provide information and resources to dog owners about how to keep their dog safe and happy during Halloween. Furbabeez is proud of being a company that provides really great products to our customers, but also provides great educational and support tools for pet owners.”

“We are all really looking forward to this launch,” said Ms. Fichera. “Not only for the benefits that we will be able to deliver to customers this year, but in getting customer feedback that will help shape and develop our product range in the years to come.” 

For more information on the Furbabeez product range or support tools, please call our Customer Service Team on 1888-787-0281 (Toll Free) or email

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