Karate Chop Stopped By Shoe

Karate guy smashes bricks, until he is thwarted by a super hi-tech running shoe. *Warning. Do not attempt! Bricks are hard and can hurt you physically and emotionally! **These clips brought to you by ASICS’ site, stopatnever.com

This dude got shoe-blocked, but at least he didn’t get hurt…physically. Ego, damaged!

Look at the pretty animals jumping. LOOK T THEM!

This one looks really difficult. Wish my gym had a tread mill like this.

If you run anywhere dark, this jacket will REFLECT your speed. #seewhatididthere? Terrible joke. Terrible.

Running is an art. This is proof.

Stop motion animation is always cool. STOP AT NEVER is cooler. Don’t forget to check out stopatnever.com for more of these clips!

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