Alaska Looks Like Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood

A new video shot in Alaska makes the state looks like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Except it’s actually a bunch of scenes from all over Alaska. Super awesome, meet wicked cool.

Check out this ad from Alaska Communications, Alaska’s awesomest telecomm provider. They make the state look so friggin cool, you’ll wish you were tiny enough to hang out there.

Except this isn’t a diorama - it’s actually the great state of Alaska, made to look miniature using fancy camera technology. You’ve seen tilt-shift before - it is always fun to see new places made to look small.

For example, this waterfall.

The spot’s director, Sam O’Hare, gathered over 70,000 images to create the spot, using still and motion photography.

He’s well known for another tilt-shift film called The Sandpit. Check it out.

The shots were taken from on high with the help of a Cineflex camera system and still photography.

Alaska Communications lent us their bucket trucks to help get some shots, too.

Holy cow, Alaska is gorgeous.

I have no idea where these people are rowing to, but hopefully they noticed the ice burg they were bearing down on! Don’t worry, they did.

Tilt shift is pretty cool. It can make any large/life-sized scene look like a diorama.

The effect is even stronger when images are laced together to form moving images. Speeding up the shot takes it to another level. In this scene, the boat looks tiny because it is bobbing up and down in the water.

Making Alaska feel less vast is part of Alaska Communications’ mission.

Keeping businesses connected is part of the drill. That joke would work better if these guys were drilling instead of mining.

Landing a helicopter on a glacier takes a pilot with ice in his/her veins.

That joke worked a little better.

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