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Be yourself. Prove them wrong.

Life can throw a lot at us and, throughout it all, we always forget the one person that matters - ourselves.

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Whether you’re the most successful person in your class, getting straight A's, or you’re that one who’s giving there all but is just scrapping by.

Whether you're earning £100 a week or you're on £100,000 a week. Whether you're happily married or recently divorced. It doesn’t matter, we all have bad days.

All too often in life, we’re looking to define ourselves by our differences when, in reality, we are all alike in so many ways that we will never truly comprehend.

The thing is, we all know that it is impossible to be liked by everyone we meet and yet, for some bizarre reason, we place so much value on the opinions of those who don’t like us.

We could have 100, 200, however many, people singing our praises but the voice that we always hear clearest is the one designed to drag us down.

Oftentimes this is because what they’re saying will amplify the fears of our own subconscious. It can be used as a mouthpiece for self-criticism – “if so and so is saying it, then it must be true”.

We have all been lying in our bed, doing nothing at all, when we catch ourselves in a moment of doubt. We channel the negative voices, we remember that one time someone said they didn’t like us and we let it ruin our day.

In reality, it takes all of 5 seconds for someone to say “I don’t like you", so just bear with me and play along with the following scenario;

You have £86,400 in your bank account (aren’t you lucky?!). Now one day, £5 just goes missing. Obviously, you’re going to be upset but you’re not going to throw away the remaining £86,395, are you?

We have 86,400 seconds each day – in which we can create thousands of memories – so why, WHY, do we allow 5 seconds to be the defining moment.

And do you know what? There is nothing stronger than the desire to prove someone wrong.

How many times have you been told that you can’t do something, you will never be able to something? Based not on fact, just on a whim.

Think about those times, go back to them right now and just remember the fire that it ignited within you.

Remember the very outrage that you felt because someone, who knew nothing about you, tried to tell you of your capabilities, tried to put you in a corner, to limit your ambitions.

Carry that fire within you, everyday, so that when someone tries to put you down, like a matchstick to a candle, that fire will burn a thousand times stronger.

It is no coincidence that the people who try to talk you out of pursuing your dreams, are the very people who refuse to dream for themselves, who refuse to have passion for anything.

Ask yourself, “what do I want to be remembered for?”. When you've got your answer, commit yourself to achieving it, do not quit until you get there.

And let me just tell you one thing, whoever you are, if you’re having a crappy day, it’s okay.

I don’t care who you are, if you’re black or white, if you’re rich or poor, young or old, anorexic or obese, homeless or living in a mansion, if you love me or loathe me, if you are having a crap day, imma come up to you, give you a massive hug and tell you whatever you need to hear to get you though it, because we all need a hand sometimes.

If you want to be great, not good, not ordinary but truly great, then you just need to do one thing; be yourself.

No matter what life throws at you, don’t let it change you.

Be yourself.

Prove them wrong.

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