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11 Things You'll Know To Be True If You're The "Fun" Friend

You don't just bring the party; you are the party...and a whole lot more.

1. No matter what your friends are doing, when you join in, it always gets silly.

2. You rarely miss a party or other fun event...

3. ...but if you do miss one, people get pretty mad at you.

4. You’re the friend who always comes up with the best (and most creative) ideas for fun things to do.

5. You're always prepared for any last-minute plans.

6. You’re constantly restless for the next big group adventure.

7. Your boundless energy and sense of fun can (sometimes) slightly annoy other people...

8. ...but your very best friends are the ones who totally get you, and support your decisions.

9. You're not afraid to look pretty damn silly in the pursuit of fun, either.

10. In short, your friends’ lives would be way, way more dull without you.

11. And they know you’re the best...which is why they’re your friends!

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