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    Spring Nail Art

    Pastel tones to welcome in know, in the event that spring ever actually arrives.

    Partial Nudity


    Bright yellow, pale blue, and subtle pink over a nude nail. Which might get chilly, but you don't mind that, do you? You saucy minx.

    Flower Power


    Flowers! Growing on nails! Instead of in the ground!

    Pink Polka


    This pink polka dot manicure is too sweet to punch winter in the face. We'll have to do it for her.

    The Truth Hurts


    Kind of looks like spring with the beautiful pale blue and white chevrons...but also like a sparkly winter wonderland. What an apt representation of our hope for the warmth of spring amidst a never-ending winter.

    Not Funny


    This sky-blue manicure is in support of Autism Awareness. Which means no snarky jokes. Just Autism. Awareness.

    Spring Kitty


    It's a cat! And Doritos chips! And a heart! That pretty much describes spring, no?

    Minty Fresh


    You know the first time you can open up the windows and let the fresh air in? This mint-toned nail polish is reminiscent of that. As is the gold fishnet design over the top.



    Look at the way this manicure is standing up to the snow. "I won't be bullied! I won't be put down!" Winter, you can suck it.

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