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Learn How To Lose Back Fat With The Following Tips…

Do you want to lose back fat? Well, you’re at the right place. Few people enjoy walking around with blubber all over their bodies, let alone on their spine. Back fat is annoying to have, since it rounds out your body shape. Your shoulders look curvier and more hunched forward like a true couch potato. It’s also heavier to walk around. It'll be hard sitting or standing without back support. Aesthetically, it’s horrible if you’re a man. Part of having a masculine body involves having broad shoulder with minimal fat on your back. Thus, you could consider this article a guide on how to lose back fat for men! No worries though. Here, we’re going to present you a few tips you can use to aid in losing back fat. The following tips will not only take fat off your back, but they’ll increase your strength too!

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(1) Understand Body Fat Proportions.
If you’re looking to cut back fat, then this will be good news for you.

You see, fat is spread throughout the body unevenly. Some areas carry more fat than others. For example, your stomach and thighs will carry more fat than your chest and lower legs.

Fortunately, your back is that part of your body where fat is the least available. This means you’ll have an easier time losing fat on your back, giving it a sharper look.

Of course, you’ll be needing minimal fat loss to lose back fat. Thus, you’ll be mostly focusing on exercises.

You see, most people seek to lose fat to get a wide shoulder look. If you look at our daily routines, you’ll find that we don’t use our back muscles much. We’re either working at our desks all day with hunchbacks, or we’re laying bed for back support.

Heck, even when sitting we have chairs to support our backs.

Really, cutting back fat is about optically increasing your upper body width. You're trying to create a larger look.

Thus, we’re going to be discussing exercises you can use for that purpose. We’ll show you how to cut back fat, sharpening your upper body width!

(2) Pull-Ups: Your Key to Lose Back Fat.
Of all bodyweight exercises out there, pull-ups are one of the most difficult to perform. This is an exercise that puts a huge load on your back. It is difficult to get 1 rep from a pull-up, requiring months of trial to get to that point!

So yes, pull-ups are the most effective means to cut back fat, and improve your looks.

The set-up for pull-ups is also easy. You don’t need a gym, nor do you need an exercise machine to help you. All you need is a pull-up bar attached between a door, and you’re set to go.

Unfortunately, this is where the benefits of pull-ups stop. You see, we need to get realistic about your potential with pull-ups.

When attempting to reach the point of doing 1 rep, you have to take a few factors into consideration…

A. Total Bodyweight.

Your bodyweight factors a lot into your pull-up potential. You’re essentially fighting against gravity. You need to lose a lot of weight to do a proper pull-up.

You may have to do on a diet for that.

B. Back Strain.

You’re putting a lot of pressure on your back when attempting a pull-up. What you’ll find is that attempting to do pull-ups requires a few months of low tier exercises. You'll need to train your bag rigorously before attempting pull-ups.

C. Rep Counts.

You can’t do a single rep when starting out. Thus, you’ll often be fidgeting for the first few months before doing a proper pull-up.

You see, reps are vital to cut back fat and widen your shoulders. You need a preliminary exercise to do like pull-ups, allowing you to do more reps are once.

This leads us to our 3rd point…

(3) If You Are a Beginner, Do Inverted Bodyweight Rows.
It’s an easy exercise to do, with minimal set-up needed. In fact, all you’ll need is your pull-up bar, and two chairs of the same sitting height.

Place the 2 chairs at a space of 100cm from each other. Join the 2 chairs with your pull-up bar, and lay under. From there, all you’ve got to do is pull yourself up, while maintaining a straight body!

Do take into consideration that inverted bodyweight rows are simply pushups in reverse. Instead of training your chest, you’re training your back.

Exercise Isn’t All There is to Fat Loss…
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