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    28 Reasons Why We Need A 28th Amendment

    In case you haven't heard, a movement to amend the Constitution is happening. Really, happening. On June 3rd the Senate Judiciary Committee wIll be hearing arguments on the need to amend the U.S. Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s insane decisions in Citizens United, the recent McCutcheon decision, and related cases of which allowed unlimited corporate money in our elections. Here are 28 Reasons why the Senate should get on board with the rest of us and support the 28th Amendment.

    1. First of all, we all know that Citizens United was a bad idea.

    2. So was the recent McCutcheon Vs. Fec Supreme Court Ruling.

    3. And it's been pretty hard to tell the difference lately.

    4. As a result of these rulings, political candidates have gotten more money from a smaller percentage of the population than any year for which data is available.

    5. Even the super lobbyists in D.C. are saying that money in politics is a problem.

    6. 1/3 Of The Country Is On Board With Passing An Amendment.

    7. Parties across the aisle pretty much agree too.

    8. And the current Amendment being proposed (S.J. Res 19) already has 40 Senate co-sponsors.

    9. Actress Debra Winger supports it.

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    As academy award nominated actress Debra Winger put it in this new interview, "I support overturning Citizens United because there is nothing in it that involves the Citizens."

    10. The People Are Getting Restless.

    11. The cause of Campaign Finance Reform prompted an 89-year old woman, Granny D, to walk across the entire U.S in a year.

    12. Over a 150 rallies occurred within hours of the McCutcheon vs. Fec ruling.

    13. Kai Newkirk's epic statement about money in politics that made history in the Supreme Court room.

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    99 Rise

    14. A former Justice of the Supreme Court has publicly testified for an amendment.

    15. Even a current Supreme Court Justice has admitted money in politics is a problem.

    16. This guy's sign:

    17. This:

    18. And this...

    19. Congress is encouraged to spend half their day raising money aka "call time."

    20. Studies have proven that money DOES Equal Access in Washington.

    21. No wonder why three in four people think wealthy Americans have a better chance than others of influencing the election process.

    22. It's Getting Worse. Now Corporations are now seeking the rights of religious freedom in a new Supreme Court case, Hobby Lobby vs. Fec.

    23. Yes, a craft store wants to tell its employees whether or not they can have access to contraceptives because of a corporation's religion.

    24. So even though 97% of people want to end corruption in politics,

    25. it's not going to end itself.

    26. And we can't fix the environment (or any other issue), until we fix our government.

    27. Most of all, these rulings continue to undermine the constitutional promise of political equality.

    28. To take it back, supporting S.J. Res 19, is the American thing to do.

    UPDATE: On June 3rd, 2 million petition signatures were delivered to Senate Hearing Committee calling for a 28th Amendment.

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