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"Wynonna Earp", Nostalgia And A Whole Load Of Demon Kick A** (Contains Spoilers)

In the last month Netflix released Syfy's show Wynonna Earp. Curious I checked out a few episodes and got pretty hooked on the Earp train. Wynnona Earp is basically the outcome of Buffy, Supernatural and Charmed having a baby...a baby that kicks serious butt. It also just got renewed for another season!

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1. Wynonna has the whole Buffy "chosen one" thing going on for her.

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Heavy with Joss Whedon punchy humor. It doesn't get as dark and angsty as Supernatural but it doesn't skim over important topics either.

2. Wynonna is basically a female version of Dean Winchester.

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Lover of donuts, whiskey, sex and kicking demon butt.

3. Waverly and Wynonna define #SisterGoals

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Also, Wynonna and her sister are both in their mid-late 20s... so you skip the whole "coming of age", teenage angst and sex for the first time story lines.

4. Speaking of Waverly - #Wayhaught has it's whole own fandom.

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There are several great articles out there on just how the shows treatment of #Wayhaught. I can't do it justice here. Worth a google if interested.

5. Charming Sidekicks

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The one and only Doc Holliday.

6. Generally stoic but occasionally shirtless secret agents.

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Hello Agent Dolls.

7. Some good romps in the woods

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Wynonna is confident in her sexuality. There is no will they, won't they, can they, should they. She wants it and she gets it.

8. #Preach

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Melanie Scrofano who plays Wynonna manages to give her a great balance of badass, humor and vulnerability.

9. Demons left, right and center.

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Demons plague the town of Purgatory, no surprises there. However, as the show goes on the characters get less black and white. Shades of grey is something that Supernatural, Buffy and Charmed have all explored and here it was a nice addition to this series to give the characters more depth.

10. Craving some nostalgia but with enough newness to keep it interesting? Give Wynonna a shot.

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It could be at 29, a massive fan of Buffy and Supernatural that this show was just a really great fit for me. But also it's time we had something new in this genre. Buffy sadly came to an end a long time ago and as much as it pains me to say it I've found it harder and harder to stay on the Supernatural bandwagon. Though I'd be pretty open to a Supernatural and Wynonna crossover... if Dean and her get into a drinking match, all bets are off.

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