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11 Things Frum Girls Hate


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1. Tights That Run

Quicker than an FFB Bentches

2. Going To Your Husbands Friends Wedding, And It's Seperate Seating.


3. Cleaning Out The Cholent Pot

Is it even worth it?

4. 3 Day Yom Tovs

It's gonna be fine right? We'll all look awful together!

5. When Products Get Taken Off The Kosher List

Please promise me you'll come back.

6. Sheital Clips

It's off as soon as you walk through the door

7. Waking Up On A Fast Day

Hip Hip Horray!

8. Not Knowing If Your Cleaner Touched The Open Wine

The doubt is killing me

9. Being Single At An Engagement Party

Soon by you

10. Your Yetser Horah

Please speak when you have been spoken to

11. Walking in a pencil skirt

I am a women of many talents

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