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12 Songs To Play When You're Having A Moment

Let your headphones be your escape. Get lost in the music and steal a moment with a bubbly fruitwater®.

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1. When you wake up and need a minute to get PUMPED UP FOR THE DAY!

MIKA, "Love Today"

2. When you literally can’t with people, and you deserve some much needed “me” time.

VH1 / Via

Telepopmusik, "Breathe"

3. When you want to feel like you’re in paradise, and it’s practically a tundra outside.

Krzysztof Duda / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: ahorcado

The Mamas & The Papas, "California Dreamin'"

4. When you need just a touch of motivation to go treat yourself because YOU DESERVE IT.

Betty Who, "High Society"

5. When you find a second to actually take a stroll and clear your hectic head.

Jill Scott, "A Long Walk"

6. When you need just a moment to get that boost of "Oh, I got this" confidence.

Jennifer Hudson, "I Remember Me"

7. When you FINALLY get to have a few seconds with someone you haven't seen in for-ev-er.


Vacationer, "Heavenly"

8. When you get a second to step back and appreciate your insanely adorable little ones.

Rufus Wainwright, "Beautiful Child"

9. When you need to pretend you're at the beach for five mins while stuck in your cubicle.

Focus Features / Via

Washed Out, "It All Feels Right"

10. When you need to silently celebrate getting up the nerve to actually ask someone out... and they say yes.


Haim, "The Wire"

11. When you want to end the night stargazing for hours instead of checking your work email for the millionth time.

The xx, "Angels"

12. But most importantly, when you feel... the need... to get up AND DANCE.

Tegan and Sara, "Closer"

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