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10 Easy Ways To Have The Ultimate Staycation

Who knew your home could be an oasis? Breathe, relax, and reclaim these stolen moments with a sparkling fruitwater®.

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1. Want a change of scenery with all the luxuries of staying home? Head to the backyard!

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Glamping at its finest! Get that tent of the basement, grab a GIANT pile of blankets, and enjoy all the benefits of an awesome camping trip… but access to a bathroom if needed. ;)

2. Or if you wanna take your staycation game up a few notches, book a last-minute hotel… for cheap!


Your bed just not doing it for your relaxation-cation? Apps like Hotel Tonight work with local hotels to give guests last-minute deals on some incredible rooms to escape to!

3. Oh, you want to treat yourself, but on a budget? Nothing some homemade spa treatments can't solve.

Get that glow without the dough. Easy DIY spa treatments, such as scrubs or face masks, are great to make ahead of time to enjoy during your staycation.

4. Don't want to staycation alone, right? Plan ahead with friends!


Break with besties! If you know when you're planning this much-needed staycation, schedule it ahead of time so you and your friends can enjoy this time off together.

6. Finally go to that fun tourist attraction you just "never have time to go to" because, well, NOW YOU DO!

brad_holt / CC BY http://2.0 / Via Flickr: brad_holt

There are a ton of places that people travel across the country, even the WORLD to experience, and they're just in your backyard! Accept the "tourist in your own town" title, and have a game plan to finally explore these destinations all in one day!

7. Need a tropical moment "by the pool"? Some gym passes will do the trick.


Because pools just make life better. If you don't have access to a pool during your staycation weekend, try getting a weekend trial pass at a local gym, or see if they have weekend packages.

8. Want to lounge and watch movies all weekend? Plan ahead so you're ready!

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Start browsing and adding movies to your streaming queue a few days before, so by the time you're ready to have a mega movie marathon, you won't have to spend hours deciding what to watch!

9. Want to experience some unique worldly cuisine that you would on vacation? Your local farmers' market knows what's up!

The market itself is one relaxing walk, and there is always new (and sometimes odd) produce popping up for you to experiment with! Honed melon? Yeahsuregreatwhynot.

10. Or don't want to even lift a single finger all weekend? Do it before! / Via

If you're REALLY wanting to do nothing (which is totally ok), but also don't want delivery the entire time, cook and refrigerate meals the day before so it's one less worry.

So stay put, relax, and enjoy the best staycation you've ever had with a sparkling fruitwater®!

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