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Get Ready To Share Your Moments With Tapnapp

Tapnapp brings a new and unique level of online communication and interactions. Tapnapp is for sharing visual content as the user experiences it.

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Going to a concert? Share clips and photographs of rocking out. At the zoo? Share those moments with the elephants, or even home, watching a movie. Anywhere. Anytime. Anything you want. Tapnapp makes your friends experience your moments at the same time as you do.

Before Tapnapp, images and videos were memories from the past minute, day, week, month or even year, but today, we have Tapnapp that makes images and videos seen at the same time the user captures them.

One of the unique features of Tapnapp that sets it apart from other apps is the ability to maintain control over shared content that won't last long. When an image or video is shared, the original poster always has the ability to take it down and it will be automatically removed from other users’ phones. Also, since screenshots cannot be taken, content is temporary and it cannot be downloaded, there’s no need to worry about sharing goofy pictures.

Tapnapp is more than sharing moments. It has different new features including a unique chat, tht you have never seen before, which allows you to communicate with your friends, in a new and fun way, but it's up to you to discover them on its launch.

Tapnapp is coming soon to Android phones (iOS to follow). It has been developed by two young brothers in Switzerland that wanted to give smartphone owners the ability to share their moments with their friends in a streamlined way. When they started on the journey to create Tapnapp, they knew nothing about programming or coding.

They learned as they went, drawing on their skills in graphic design, music, and video production. These passions came together in something they could share with the world. While they were designing this app from the ground up they worked at part-time jobs in order to support themselves and their craft.

This app will be launched in the next few weeks. If you would like to be alerted when Tapnapp is available for download please visit "" and join our community by subscribing to our waiting list! You will be able to discover more about the app, its features, and news regarding its launch on our website.

Tapnapp is designed for the people who want to teleport moments of their life into their friends' phones, Get ready to share your moments with an innovative approach to control over our stories.

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