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The Terrifying Reality Of Becoming An Elsa Doll Cake

These Elsa dolls are screaming "Let me go, Let ME go"!

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The dreamland. The baker's promise. Elsa's hopes and expectations for her future as a glamorous and adored doll cake are high.

But...the baking process starts badly for Elsa. Her legs and head are bound in cellophane, she tries to escape grabbing at the cake mix box to throw powder over her attacker.

landoflorfe / Via

Sadly her attempts to escape have failed, the cake mix is applied from the waist down, and her entire face is covered in foil wrap.

glammacori / Via

Legs bound in cellophane, forced to smile for camera, before being plunged into a mound of blue gunge.

phoneeeeeb / Via

Held hostage, legs bound and cemented. Head wrapped in cellophane.

francesfrancisco / Via

Multiple kitchen knife stabbings have left puncture wounds across entire lower body, which no amount of frosting can hide.

kulotiethehungrybitch / Via

See, the frosting can not hide it. And she's now also gagged with rubber bands. Just awful.

prpincess / Via

Despite her skills in calm negotiation, Elsa can not fend off the multiple layers of shaving foam she is sprayed in.

aleks__xo / Via

Subjected to heat torture (especially bad if you are an ice queen).

mrspyrex / Via

Burned at the stake.

pirohiroko / Via

Forced to smile for camera (again) whilst her lower body and clothes are destroyed.

fbombymommy / Via

Eaten in front of her family. Little sister is next.

Paul Shaw / Via Twitter: @paulshaw

Eaten alive!

mrs_forbes85 / Via

Or, worse than being eaten: not being pretty enough. Ruining this 3 year old's life. Forever.

missmalot / Via

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